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A New Voice for Sparks City Council-Ward 3

Meet Brad

 I was born and raised in Sparks and have lived in Ward 3 for 32 years. After my mom passed away, I moved back into my childhood home in 2015 and now me and my two loyal pups, Brody and Poppy are making new memories.

My journey to run for Sparks City Council has been shaped by my lifelong understanding of commitment to community, creativity and service. My mom worked for the Washoe County School District for 25 years, and my grandmothers career spanned across WSCD, EDAWN, the Nevada Opera Association and the Reno Rodeo. My dad has also owned multiple small businesses in the trucking and aviation industries based in Sparks, which has taught me the importance of supporting local businesses in our community. 

Most recently I was honored to be a part of the communications team at SNC (Sierra Nevada Corporation), a global aerospace and technology company which just celebrated it's 60th anniversary and is headquartered locally here in the heart of Ward 3. SNC's mission is to "Safeguard the warfighters freedom and inspire the next generation to make a lasting impact on humanity through technology and imagination," which resonates with me profoundly. It reflects the same spirit I plan to approach my goal of contributing positively on the Sparks City Council.

Prior to my time at SNC, I've had the privilege of working within the City of Reno for 10 years, focused on constituent services and communications as the Community Liaison to the Reno City Council as well as serving as the Arts, Culture and Events Manager, where my team received Reno’s first grant from the National Endowment of the Arts in the amount of $500,000 to distribute to local arts and culture organizations. 

As a life-long participant and advocate for the arts, I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Nevada, Reno in this field. The arts enrich our lives, foster creativity and bring people together - qualities that I believe are vital for a thriving community. I will be a true advocate for the arts on Sparks City Council.


While I have served on a number of local non-profit boards, one of the highlights of my community involvement has been serving as the Vice Chair of the Sparks Parks and Recreation Commission, appointed by former Mayor Geno Martini. This role allowed me to actively contribute to shaping the recreational spaces that bring us all closer, providing opportunities for families to bond, children to play and neighbors to connect.

I’m Brad Fitch, and I humbly ask for your vote.


Thanks for submitting!

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